Welcome to Institute of Classical Psychoanalysis
Welcome to Institute of Classical Psychoanalysis
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About Psychoanalysis

Human Existence and Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis addresses itself to the needs of nearly all human beings, though it has an entirely different purpose for each one separately. That is to say, it concerns the broader public that has the capacity to appreciate the existence of an unknown part in them. Most people negotiate that side of themselves outside Psychoanalysis having a healthy interest for the arts, society, sports as well as all those human activities which have an unconscious aspect in them. Other people having experienced intense anxiety, depression, delusional thinking, obsessional repetitiveness, psychosomatic problems and other symptoms, they attempt to overcome them through personal psychoanalysis. Continue reading “About Psychoanalysis”

Clinical Services

The Institute of Classical Psychoanalysis offers the possibility for psychoanalytical therapy (in Greek or English) from three to six weekly sessions to individuals who are assessed as being in need for this type of therapy but have limited financial resources to cover ordinary expenses for that purpose.

The analysts who undertake personal analyses of this kind have already had considerable clinical experience and training. The Institute refers patients to those analysts whom it considers being fully suitable to perform such a work.

The clinical service of the Institute has no financial benefit whatsoever through such referrals for psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic psychotherapy.